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Lighting. It seems so simple but it can make all the difference in the world in your home or office's look and functionality. Don't leave your lighting design to just anyone, put it in our capable hands.


Florescent ballast steps up the voltage going to a florescent light bulb which excites the gas and makes it glow.  If you have lamps out in fixtures, lamps aren’t nearly as bright compared to when they were new, lamps starting slow or not at all in the cold, flickering lights, or when you look at a florescent lighting fixtures or lighting in a room and the color of the bulbs don’t match, we can help with that.


Kitchen lighting has the ability to dramatically increase (or decrease) the value of your home. By investing in quality lighting in a room that gets the most use in the house, you have the ability to make your home more attractive and potentially increase its resale value. The same principal can be applied to bathroom lighting. Everyone loves to take a well lit shower in the morning, right?


Deck the halls and make your house the talk of the town. Create a magical world of whimsy and magic with this years holiday lighting. Since our company began in Frankenmuth, and they are home to Bronners CHRISTmas Wonderland, the world's largest Christmas store, we totally get holiday lighting. 


Landscape lighting can play an important role in the look of your house. Its curb appeal can be completely ruined by a bad bush, or an unlit house. From motion lighting to sconces and decor, BTE offers complete landscape lighting design solutions for your home that can dramatically improve the beauty and security of your property.  


Some of the best electrical investments begin and end with dimmers and timers. Create mood lighting in your kitchen, living room or bedroom with dimming light switches. Light dimmers and timers offer an array of functions, conserving energy, reducing utility costs, improving security while you are away. 


One of the newer, most handy features available on some lighting products; wireless lighting controls. Imaging its Friday afternoon in January and you're heading up to your cottage in the great white Northern Michigan. The heat is off and the last thing you want to do is arrive at 9pm and crawl into a cold bed. With new technology available, you have the ability to control the temperature at your home or cottage directly from your smartphone. Wireless lighting solutions allow you to control lighting and small appliances in your home simply and easily with the use of a wireless remote or smartphone. 


Enjoy your hot tub, pool, or Jacuzzi even more with mood lighting that creates a relaxing ambiance you and your guests can enjoy. When it comes to lighting these areas, it is important to partner with experts who have the skills required to ensure you’re equipped with a lasting outdoor lighting solution, and that is exactly what you will receive when you partner with our electricians. Our certified electricians are also experienced in hot tub electrical wiring.


Motion sensors can be a very valuable and economic solution to the safety of your home. Motion sensors can save time and money over traditional exterior lights controlled by a switch. 


Have a porch or patio? Our outdoor lighting team is prepared to help bring light to the nooks, crannies, and paths that comprise these intimate residential spaces. Through strategic placement and electrical wiring that is built to last, you can enjoy the spaces you already love even more. And on hot nights, we can help you cool off with the integration of a ceiling fan in your porch or enclosed patio area.


Think can lighting. Inexpensive recessed lighting offers design and function, improving lighting in poorly lit areas, highlighting essential features in your home and adding a decorative element. 


Do you have fuses that blow on a regular bases (no, not the ones from sitting in rush hour traffic), have to use multiple extension cords, your lights flicker or you just need more outlets? Retrofit lighting should be your next investment if you answered yes to any of the above. 


Custom lighting can create the perfect environment and specialty lighting happens to be our, well, specialty. We enjoy engineering unique lighting areas and solutions to our customers problems. From adding ambiance to improving convenience and boosting energy savings, BTE offers an array of commercial and residential specialty lighting choices. 


Track and accent lighting are one of the most inexpensive ways to transform your boring living space into the most modern and elegant room in your home. Accent lighting can add personality and functionality to your house.


Transformers adjust incoming current and voltage for efficient and safe operation of your electrical load. We can design custom transformers or install pad-mounted units. 


Under cabinet lighting can really accent a room in your house and add value to your home, plus, the wives really love it! Under cabinet lighting in the kitchen can be help light counter-space or use it in the living room to display home accents. 

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